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More songs in 5.1 surround to download Axels Songs

My Javascript player with switching stereo and 5.1 surround: AMC Player

Audiodebugger demo: shows the events and its times when they were fired of an existing AUDIO-Tag: Audiodebugger

Axels Blog (German) Html5 Audio und Surround Sound

HTML5 Audio
Formats in stereo and surround

You can open this page with different webbrowsers to test its capabilities to handle the audio formats below.

I always publish my songs in 4 formats.
The following table shows infos for stereo und surround formats:

Your browser:

CCBot/2.0 (

channels Typ MIME type audioElement.
internal HTML5 Player
stereo (2.0) Ogg Vorbis
audio/ogg lets-play_2.0_.ogg
stereo (2.0) Mpeg I Layer 3
audio/mp3 lets-play_2.0_.mp3
surround (5.1) Mpeg 4 AAC
audio/mp4 lets-play_5.1_.m4a
surround (5.1) Ogg Vorbis
audio/ogg lets-play_5.1_.ogg

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(HTML5 Audio Format-Tester stereo/ surround.)
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