How to make an update?
A version check (by default) runs once per day and informs you about a new version. But it does not install anything automatically.

If you have installed the software already it depends on the kind of your first installation.

None of the procedures will overwrite any userspecific config file.

Web based updater

The easiest variant for the most people.

ahcrawler :: updater
On the top left appears a message text that a newer version is available.
Click on the link. It opens the update assistent.
ahcrawler :: updater
The assistenant always fetches latest newest version info from
It shows the versions of your current installation and the new version.
ahcrawler :: updater
Before initiating a download you will see an information page with the source file and where it will be saved.
ahcrawler :: updater
It show the status of the download.
In the box "Console output" shows the output of the updater with more details. This section might be helpful if an error occured or you want to debug a behaviour.
ahcrawler :: updater
It show the status of the etraction.
In the box "Console output" shows the output of the updater with more details again. There you see what was extracted, moved or deleted.
ahcrawler :: updater
You reach the starting page again (yes, it fetches the latest version again).
If you have the newest version then you get a green information bar.
You can use the Home button or select in the navigation on the left.


You can create a cronjob and call ./cronscripts/updater.php for an automatic update.
For details have a look to CLI

Dowload as Zip

The manual way:

Download the zip file of the latest version:

Extract the content of the zip file into your current installation.

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