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🗃️ Axels docs for his Opensource apps, classes and components

Welcome to the documentation area for the open sourced stuff I published.
I write my code in PHP, Javascript and shell scripts.
You find me on fosstodon.org | github.com | twitter.com

🗂️ PHP apps

Web based applications written in PHP

📙 ahCrawler
ahCrawler is a set to implement your own search on your website and an analyzer for your web content.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/ahcrawler.git ahcrawler
The Pimped Apache status makes the Apache server status readable, sortable and searchable.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/pimped-apache-status/ apachestatus

🗂️ PHP classes

Classes written in PHP

📙 AH Cache
File based caching class for all serializable objects. Including web ui.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/ahcache/ ahcache
📙 ahLogger
Debug logging during a client request.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/ahlogger.git ahlogger
This helper class can parse urls of a map services Google maps, Openstreetmap and Yandex. It fetches the position longitude and latitude from an url.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/ahmaphelper/ ahmaphelper
Load a ressource from CDNJS or from own domain (if it exist).
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/cdnorlocal/ cdnorlocal

🗂️ Javacript

Javascript code for all :-)

AMC player is a web based html5 audio player for stereo and sourround media.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/amcplayer/ amcplayer
Javascript class for an analog clock using Css 3.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://sourceforge.net/projects/anclock/ anclock
📙 AH Geomap
A javascript class to show several places on a map and their directions from the current position of a user.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/ahgeomap/ ahgeomap
It is a javascript class to calculate and visualize the quality of an entered password.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/ahpwcheck/ ahpwcheck
📙 localStats
A javascript class for a visit counter inside webbrowser - without cookies.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 localstats

🗂️ Bash

Shellscript based stuff

Bash functions in class like style to handle ansi colors in your script
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/bash_colorfunctions.git bash_colorfunctions
Puts control and comfort to cronjobs.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/cronwrapper.git cronwrapper
Deploy source files. Helper tool to update local files in other projects.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/dsf.git dsf
Generate an overview html page of multiple documentations that use Daux.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/multidoc-generator.git multidoc-generator
Nginx proxy for multiple docker containers
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/nginx-docker-proxy.git nginx-docker-proxy
A helper script for Streamtuner2: more information before starting recording and downloading single files.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/axelhahn/st2_record_helper.git st2_record_helper

🗂️ PHP apps I wrote at IML

My projects written in PHP at Institute for Medical Education; University of Bern

Application monitoring with low requirements.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/iml-it/appmonitor.git https://os-docs.iml.unibe.ch/appmonitor/

🗂️ PHP tools I wrote at IML

My projects written in PHP at Institute for Medical Education; University of Bern

🗂️ PHP classes I wrote at IML

My projects written in PHP at Institute for Medical Education; University of Bern

🗂️ Bash IML

My projects written in Bash at Institute for Medical Education; University of Bern

Wrapper for acme.sh to maintain ssl certificates
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://git-repo.iml.unibe.ch/iml-open-source/iml-certman.git https://os-docs.iml.unibe.ch/iml-certman/
Delete files older N days in a start folder.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 https://github.com/iml-it/imlcleanup.git https://os-docs.iml.unibe.ch/imlcleanup/