Install Daux

Go to and follow the instructions for installation of daux, i.e. with composer.

Add the path of the bin directory, i.e. ~/.config/composer/vendor/daux/ in $PATH.

Install generator

Extract archive anywhere.


git clone

The result in the created subdir is:

├── config/
|  ├── add_2_projects/
|  ├── add_2_webroot/
│  ├── overview.template.boxes.dist
│  ├── overview.template.datatable.dist
│  └── repos.cfg.dist
├── docs/

Initialize config

Go to ./config/ directory.

  • copy *.dist files to a name but without .dist
    • repos.json.dist –> repos.json
    • overview.template.boxes.dist –> overview.template (remove “.boxes” too!)
  • edit config file in ./config/repos.json and add the repositories here; see Configuration