Get the software

You can extract source or use git clone. Go into your directory where to create a subdir for the proxy generator script. I describe an installation below /opt - it requires root or sudo permissions.

sudo -i
mkdir /opt
cd /opt

Get the software

git clone

which creates a subdir named “nginx-docker-proxy”.

Set owner

Change the owner of /opt/nginx-docker-proxy/ to your local user. My user I login into the desktop is “axel”:

chown -R axel:axel /opt/nginx-docker-proxy/

Prepare Nginx config

Add softlink

After telling to load something fron /etc/nginx/vhost.d/ we need to set a link to our custom config:

cd /etc/nginx
mv vhost.d vhost.d__bak
ln -s /opt/nginx-docker-proxy/nginx_config vhost.d

Add include

as root

cd /etc/nginx

In the nginx.conf add an include rule inside the http section to load /etc/nginx/vhost.d/*.conf.

http {
    include /etc/nginx/vhost.d/*.conf;