Password checker

Innovation award Innovation award
October 2016


It is a javascript class to calculate and visualize the quality of an entered password. Based on given requirements.

The class can be used on pages where user enter a (new) password. Just bind it to an input field. The user gets a visual help how to improve the password.
Or you can calculate a score of a given password string.

The class can be customized:
You can set custom requirements (i.e. length or count of required chars of a type).
It is ready for multi language support: you can override the texts.
Use css to customize visual output.

GNU GPL v 3.0

The project is hosted on Github: ahpwcheck



Nothing special:
Any browser with enabled javascript.
There is no other dependency to other frameworks (like jQuery).

Interactive demo

A basic example ... here is an input field for a password.
Type something :-) ... you see which chracter types you already use.

new password:

Go to Get Started to see what is needed to add this to your website.

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