A javascript class for a visit counter inside webbrowser - without cookies.

This counter respects the users privacy.
It counts the visits of pages inside the webbrowsers local storage that is not sent to the webserver (like cookies do).


How does it work?

This class uses an javascript array to memorize all requested pages and their count.
This array will be loaded and saved with the html 5 functions localStorage.getItem([variable]) and localStorage.setItem([variable], [value]).

The big difference to a cookie is: This localStorage is browserinternal. An owner of a website gets none of these data.

Why should you use it?

Because big companies and social networks try to collect. All they can get; just to profile every user. This javascript class is the opposite: it collects but is limited to the webbrowser only. It respects users privacy. Set a sign!

Old fashioned... isn't it?

As a web programmer ... what I do with it?
Let count the web accesses. React on the 100th, 1000th page view and ask for recommandation. Show a user specific statistic.

If you have some more ideas, let me know.

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