CDN or local


Load a ressource from CDNJS or from own domain (if it exist)

With this you can

  • load a library from CDNJS or from your own domain (if it exist)
  • an admin web gui can search libraries on CDNJS and download several versions of it

I want to use it in my php apps to link cdnjs for smaller download size and have the possibility to run the webapps without internet connection too. Additionally I have an admin for browsing and download .. and to check the versions of all libraries I use. admin :: browse downloaded libraries

GNU GPL v 3.0

The project is hosted on Github: cdnorlocal



The requirements are low:

  • PHP 7 or 8 (it runs on PHP 5 but I don't support it)

Additionally for the admin webgui (not required for your project that bundles the base class)

  • a writeable directory; [approot]/vendor/ by default
  • php-curl to download a library

Copyright © 2017-2024 Axel Hahn
project page: GitHub (en)
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