Get the files

You can download a zip file and extract it


if you use a version control client you can checkout the sources of the project. It will make it easier to keep the files up to date.

SVN Checkout

Checkout sources with svn client.
The following commands create a directory anclock below webroot and put all files there:

cd [webroot-directory]/[install-dir]
svn checkout svn:// anclock


Get the latest version:

Extract the files somewhere below webroot on your webserver. You can put to any subdirectory.

Add clock to your website

The following codesnippet shows the most simple steps to integrate a basic clock into your website.

		<!-- step 1: add the javascript file -->
		<script src="/javascript/anclock/anclock.class.js"></script>
		<!-- step 2: create a div element with an id as placeholder -->
		<div id="myclock"></div>
		<!-- step 3: init clock - use the id as parameter -->
			var oClock=new Anclock("myclock");

The code above creates the clock below. It shows the local time of your computer.

See Customization for more details with all supported functions.

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