This tool offers an human readable web interface and machine-readable formats as well. You can use the api exports for further need, i.e. monitoring or snapshot the behaviour of a system.

Most of the tables can be saved as csv, json or xml.
The most easy variant is to navigate to a page in the webbrowser and copy the url of an api link below a table.

Export parameters

parameter type values Comments

define a group or server

'servers' string [servername_in_your_config] You can use any servername in any of the groups.
'group' string [groupname_in_your_config]
'url' string [server-status_url] It is not recommend to use.

define output

'skin' string 'data'; value must be set 'data' is a special template for non html output.
'filter' string value must be set; one of
status| requests_all| requests_running| requests_mostrequested| requests_hostlist| requests_longest| requests_methods| requests_clients | workers_table
status - status information of the webserver(s) like version, cpu usage, requests per sec
requests_all - all active and inactive requests
requests_running - requests that are currently processed on the selected webserver(s)
requests_mostrequested - most often processed requests
requests_hostlist - most often requested virtual hosts
requests_longest - top 10 requests ordered by response time
requests_methods - most often requested http request methods
requests_clients - count of requetsts per ip
workers_table - table with active/ idle of apache worker processes
'format' string value must be set; one of
csv - comma seperated values
json - JavaScript Object Notation
serialized - with Php function serialize created storable representation
xml - extended markup language
'lang' string one of the languages: de| en default language is the default in your config (the same like your web gui)


The basic url consists of the url of the pimped apache status and the skin parameter with the value "data"

http://localhost/apachestatus/?skin=data&[more parameters]

Then add a group or a server, a filter and a format.


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