How to make an update?
A version check (by default) runs once per day and informs you about a new version. But it does not install anything automatically.

If you have installed the software already it depends on the kind of your first installation.

None of the procedures will overwrite any userspecific config file.

Web based updater

The easiest variant for the most people.
Click on the message text that a newer version is available on the top left. It opens the updater.

This interactive updater will download the newest version from Sourceforge and in a second step it will extract the zip file.

The whole apache status directory must be writable for the apache user (not only the config directory like described as minimal requirement).

Dowload as Zip

The manual way:
Download the zip file of the latest version:

Extract the content of the zip file into your current installation.

Upgrade from version 1 to version 2

Laziest style

Make the update like above ... the most simple way is using the web updater.
In the webgui ... in the next request the config will be converted to the new version. Done.

this will leave unnecessary version 1 files.

Fresh installation

  1. Download and uncompress version 2 in a new folder
  2. copy the config file [version 1]/config/config_user.php to [version 2]/config/
  3. to convert the config file
    start webbrowser http://localhost/apachestatus2/
    on console: php [version 2]/upgrade.php
  4. remove version 1

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