Cronjob: updater

A software update is visible in the backend and could be done interactively. Or you install a daily or weekly cronjob with the updater script.

The updater checks if a newer version exists. If so it will be installed. The script supports command line parameters to check the version only without installing a newer version (parameter -c) or to force an installation (of newer or current version).

The script supports exitcodes if you wish to embed it in other scripts.

Show parameters

You can run updater.php -h or –help to get a list of supported prameters.

===== AhCrawler :: Updater =====

CLI updater tool. It checks if a newer version exists and - if so - installs the update.

  --check (without value)
    Check only.
    If a newer version would exist, you get just a message and exitcode 1 (without installing the update).

  --force (without value)
    force installation
    If no newer version exists it reinstalls the current version.

  --help (without value)
    show this help

Add cronjob

As an example to install a software update every night at 5:45 AM add a crontab entry

45 5 * * *     php [path]/cronscripts/updater.php 2>/dev/null

To start the script without parameters once per day should be the most common call for self managed servers. Add the redirection 2>/dev/null to prevent getting emails. In the backend you get the log output of the spider process.

Maybe you want to have a look to my Cronwrapper (on Github) … a daily job has a ttl of 1440 minutes:

45 5 * * * /usr/local/bin/ 1440 "php [path]/cronscripts/updater.php"


The updater script supports exitcodes to be embedded in other scripts. Especially the parameter “–check” (to check for an update without installing it) could be used to trigger an alert or information.

exitcode Comments
0 Execution was successful. It can mean
- No newer version exists.
- If a newer version existed: the installation of the update was successful.
1 A newer version exists.
This exitcode can occur on param “–check” only.
2 A newer version exists but the download failed.
3 A newer version exists, download was successful but the installation failed.