page: Language texts

Here you can ompare and edit language texts. The edit function is for contributors that want to apply new language files or just changes in it.

Note: An update overwrites your changes in the local language file. Commit the language file and create a pull request before updating the software!


  • Select group of lang texts:
    • backend - texts in the backend
    • frontend - texts for the search form and result page that you can embed on your website
    • public - texts for public service pages (http header check, ssl check)
  • Language 1
  • Language 2


The table is sortable and you can filter it.

A click on a row opens an edit window.


You can update the language texts. The buttons are

  • up/ down - jump to the next row; changes will be discarded
  • close (or X on top right) - close editor window
  • save - save changes. You get a information if a text was unchanged and skipped … or changed and saved (or not).