The tool is designed to run on a local machine, a vm or your own server. All data, content, timing of reindex processes are under your control.


  • The application is written in PHP
  • Web ui and CLI interface
  • CAN be usable on shared hosters (see requirements)
  • support of multiple websites in a single backend
  • All data under ypour control
  • All timings for reindexing under your control


  • spider to index content: CLI / cronjob / from web ui
  • respects
    • robots.txt
    • rel attributes or http headers noindex, no-follow
    • custom include an exclude rules
  • multiple parallel requests for GET and HEAD

Search for your website

  • customizable search form and result page can be integrated into your website.
  • search can be limited to
    • a path eg. /blog/ or /docs/ - if you structured your website it will be useful for you
    • an language (requires lang attribute in html tag)
  • Ranking is calculated by count of hits, its places (url, description, keywords, content) and position (matching a full word, on word start, anywhere)
  • templating with placeholders to customize output of the search results

Web UI

Admin backend

  • Spidering
    • verify work of the spider: search content
    • test search index
  • Website search
    • check entered search commands of your visitors
  • Analysis
    • analyze http reponse header
    • analyze ssl certificate
    • analyze html metadata: title, keywords, loading time
    • link checker
  • Other features
    • built in web updater
    • multi language support

Public tools

Some basic functionality can be enabled to be used without access to the backend.

  • analyze http reponse header
  • analyze ssl certificate