Page: Resource details

The detail page of a resource (given url) shows you

  • Meta information
  • Http response header
  • Which pages / urls point to the current url
  • Links/ redirects from here

Meta information

A table shows you

  • Age of the last scan
  • Http status, eg. 200
  • Place - eg. internal
  • Resource - the type page, lnik, image, css, script, …
  • MIME - the mime type from the http response header, eg. text/html
  • Size - the size of the transferred data
  • Timestamp of scan
  • Total time of transfer [s]

If you press the button with the arrow it opens the url in a new window.

Http response header

The table contains the information with a commented http response header: you see the header variable and value. A line can by colored by type and shows a found label, eg. “caching”, “compression”, …

See also: Http header check

Used in

In this section you see which pages / urls point to the current url.

  • If you watch an html page you see the links that point here
  • If you watch a css file / image / script you get a list of references here

Linked resources

If the current url has a redirect or links to other urls then you can fnid all of it here.

By default the linked resources with http status OK are hidden - so you get a kind of a linkchecker showing warnings warnings and errors only.