page: Update

The software Updater of the web ui.

Version check in web ui

If a new version exists you get a direct link to this page. Screenshot: Updater

Remark: you can check or apply a software update on command line too.

On start

It checks if a newer version exists.

  • If not it show an OK message that you are up to date.
  • If a new version exists it show your current and the latest available version.

Screenshot: Updater


  • Continue interactive mode to download new software archive and install it. Use it the first time to see how the updater works.
  • Update in a single step This is the one click updater method.

Start update

The updater has a bit intelligence. It detects if it was installed by git (git pull) or by a manual download to define the update method.

  • Git
    A git pull wil be started
  • manual installation
    • A TGZ archive will be downloaded from sourceforge.
    • The Md5 checksum will be verified
    • The TGZ will be extracted in the install dir

On each step you get a description and the console output of a command. The updater aborts if one of the steps failed.

Screenshot: Updater Screenshot: Updater Screenshot: Updater Screenshot: Updater